Whilst the Behind the Scenes (BTS) concept has existed for years in the music industry, since the MTV Base golden era, we have solid evidence that in 2021 BTS has become one the most valuable marketing social assets. 



Behind the scenes content enables to you attract a new audience or further engage with a current audience by introducing a human connection. This is done through assuring the audience the artist they are listening to is real, authentic and relatable by providing additional material from unseen footage of music videos, team interactions and showcasing efforts. By providing additional material, artists are giving the audience the opportunity to learn more, adding value by enhancing and increasing engagement, streams and sales.


Engaging your audience with raw, unfiltered content would contribute to building consumer trust. When an artist is transparent and clear, there is evidence that the audience will connect with them on a new level, the audience will feel like they are part of the artists community and in turn this will increase social media influence and following, further contributing to artists chart positions.

Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play (Anne Marie BTS)

We had the opportunity to work with the incredible Anne-Marie on the BTS video with KSI & Digital Farm Animals for their successful new track ‘Don’t Play’. 

Within 24 hours of Anne-Marie posting her BTS, she was trending worldwide on YouTube and secured over 500,000 views. A few weeks later, the video had over an impressive 1 million view. The BTS also has seen higher engagement and views than the official lyric video for ‘Don’t Play’.

Anne-Marie x KSI x Digital Farm Animals - Don’t Play (KSI BTS)

We also had the same opportunity to create a BTS for KSI which we shot on the same day. KSI’s BTS was trending at number 3 on YouTube. We wanted to showcase the individual personalities of the artists involved in this shoot. We were proud to see that the most liked comments on the YouTube BTS said:

‘Don’t Play’ made it to an impressive second place in the charts.

Unknown P - Piers Morgan

We worked on the BTS for the very talented Unknown P’s ‘Piers Morgan’ music video. Our goal with this BTS was to show an un-seen glimpse into the hard work and comedy gold behind the artist and the music video. We wanted to capture an unscripted BTS to showcase Munya Chawawa’s character, Unknown P, as well as showing the work that goes into the making of the shoot.

Nathan Dawe x Little Mix – No Time For Tears

Nathan Dawe and Little Mix’s collaboration ‘No Time for Tears’ is without a doubt one of the biggest collaborations of last year, hitting the chart immediately. Not only were we heavily involved in the content creation for this release, from the official lyric video, visualisers and social content, but we also worked on the official BTS for the music video. 

While shooting the BTS we captured an album of photographs that were used as further promotional material, specifically press shots, to advance the release. 

Ella Henderson x Roger Sanchez – Dream On Me (Behind The Scenes)

While we directed and produced Ella Henderson’s official lyric video, some of our team dedicated their time to create a BTS video which provided further exposure of the song upon release. The additional BTS content was also beneficial to contribute to social media content in the lead up to the release. 




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