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Social content is the heart of any good marketing campaign in 2021. A release needs a strong social strategy with strong social content to back it. We specialise in creating impactful social content out of a variety of mediums. From creating ads out of music videos, behind the scenes or even animating album covers there is nothing we’re not always looking into to push the limits of what social content in the music industry can consist of.


While working on the content for the No Time for Tears campaign we also created a variety of social content including social ads, competitions, animated cover variants & more.

By shooting the behind the scenes we were also able to provide a further range of social material from boomerang gifs, image galleries of the shoot & more to support the campaign with content across all social media networks.

Karl Benjamin - Apricot Sky & MOON

We created an animated version of Karl Benjamins Apricot sky cover to be used across socials accompanied by the track. Animated album artworks are a great way to get further content out of already great looking cover art.

We also created a variety of social use gifs from press shots as well as social teasers from BTS content for another one of his releases entitled ‘Moon’.

Burna Boy - Twice as Tall

To create some interesting social content ads for Burna Boy we animated the album covers and then adapted this animation to fit wide, square and portrait formats for usage during ad campaigns.

Highly suspect - mcid

One of the primary pieces of social content we provide are social ready ad packages for singles & album releases. These are delivered to fit a variety of formats from 16:9, 1:1, 9:16. The lengths of these are also adjusted for ideal performance on each platform and format.



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